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The British Columbia Boys Choir Spreads the Joy of Singing to Local and International Communities


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of The British Columbia Boys Choir.
The Choir has been sharing the love of choral music with boys for 52 years.
With the current restrictions and uncertainties of this global pandemic, both on their own and as they impact the Choir’s existing fragilities, made it impossible to continue operating.
We still have some CDs and books which you can purchase.

BC Boys choir

50 Years of History

The British Columbia Boys Choir has been inspiring excellence in boys, through singing, for over 50 years. Welcoming boys from all over Metro Vancouver to sing together in an inclusive and diverse choir.

Vancouver Boys Choir International trip

Global Citizens

The International Touring Choir has represented Canada around the globe as singing ambassadors in the Netherlands, the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Asia. This extracurricular activity is unlike any other!

north vancouver boys choir

Boys Love to Sing

Creating lifelong memories and growing boys into upstanding and confident men through singing, touring and mentoring. Our Choir programs build self esteem, promotes singing as a cool thing for boys to do and creates a social environment where team building is important.

International Touring Choir

The International Touring Choir is for boys who love to sing, ages 10–20 years, and have experience and desire to sing at a high level requiring rehearsal and personal dedication. 

SongSports Choir

SongSport Program for boys ages 7–12; where singing and physical activity have been incorporated into practice. Boys love this Choir because they do not have to stand still! Parents love it because their son is getting physical activity and singing in one activity.

"Music moves people, creates lifelong memories, is good for your heart & soul."

Build a lifelong love for music

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