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BCBC International Touring Choir

International Touring Choir is open to boys ages 10-24 (unchanged and changed voices) with singing experience . Rehearsals are on Wednesdays in North Vancouver. The Choir tours regionally annually and internationally every two years. In July 2018 the Choir will tour in South Africa! To book an audition please call: 1-888-909-8282

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BCBC FINANCIAL POLICIES: The BCBC is a non-profit arts organization whose activities are covered through membership tuition, concert revenues, tax-deductible donations from individuals, corporations and private foundations and fundraising activities. In 2007, the BCBC Board of Directors asked the BCBC membership for feedback in an online survey that related to the Choir. One of the areas explored was the VALUE of what the Choir was offering for the fees collected. Everyone that completed the survey agreed that their son was receiving great value for the fees paid. If compared to a high-level sports team, the Choir was a bargain during non-touring years and comparable in fees during an International Touring year. Members receive valuable lessons and musical skills that can be compared to other music lessons. Weekly music lessons throughout the academic year would cost more than the tuition that BCBC members pay per year. If singing and traveling is the activity that your son LOVES - it is very good value for the cost.

Bursaries are available to members based on financial need. The bursary assists member's with a portion of their tuition. The funds for the bursaries come from donations. All Bursary Applications must be received by September 30. Application Forms available through the Office.

BCBC FUNDRAISING POLICY: The BCBC Board of Directors developed a Fundraising Policy in 1995, to create "an equal share of work for reward". Each family is required to participate in Choir fundraising. However, each family may decide the best way for them to participate.

Please call or email our office for additional information. Tollfree: 1-888-909-8282